5 DIY Skills to Help You Save Money at Home

When there are now so many services available to take advantage of, why would you spend your time and energy doing chores yourself? Well, there is one good reason – to save money. If you’re trying to keep to a budget or would just like to try and save more each month, think about how much you’re spending on home services. Here are five of the best DIY skills you can learn to help you save some extra cash every year.

1. Carpet Cleaning

Regularly vacuuming your carpets and rugs is a necessity to keep them clean and free of other nasty bugs and bacteria. However, this doesn’t mean that a deep clean isn’t needed at least once a year. You can hire a professional carpet cleaning service to do this for you, but next time, why not give it a go yourself? Purchase a steamer that is designed for carpet cleaning to help lift dirt and kill bacteria (you should be able to find an anti-bacterial solution for the steamer in the same store). You can also make DIY carpet cleaning solutions to help lift stubborn stains.

2. Window Cleaning

If you’re going to try cleaning your windows, make sure there is always someone else with you to hold the ladder and give you general assistance. You will need to invest in the right equipment, like a scrubber and squeegee, and you can make a window cleaning solution out of some washing-up liquid and warm water. Make sure you have some old rags or towels at hand, too. For the inside of your windows, try to clean them with glass cleaner to make them shine.

3. Basic Plumbing

Some plumbing jobs will require the expertise of a pro, but if you can teach yourself basic plumbing techniques and solutions to simple problems, you could save a lot of money. Emergency plumbing call-outs can cost a small fortune, and most of the time, you need them to come and see you as soon as possible (no one wants to deal with a leak, nor hot or running water for too long!).

4. Sewing

You don’t have to start making your clothes (unless you want to), but knowing how to fix rips and tears or patch up worn-out jeans could help you to avoid spending more money on clothes. Most of the time, the clothes that get thrown away could be saved and last a lot longer – don’t give up on your favorite top or pair of jeans just yet!

5. Car Maintenance

Like plumbing, there will be some issues with your car that only professional mechanics can fix, and if you’re unsure about anything, always turn to them to avoid accidentally making things worse. However, if you don’t mind a bit of oil and grease, learning simple things like how to change your oil could help save you money instead of going to the auto-shop every time.

Instead of paying someone else to do these chores for you, teach yourself new skills and put the extra cash towards something special!