Four Stylish Investments for the Future

When you’ve got a little excess cash in your bank account, and your savings are increasing, financial experts advise you to invest. Often, these investments are encouraged in the field of stocks and shares – but in 2020, with a global recession looming in the wake of COVID-19, investing on the stock market is not without its significant risks. As such, this article looks instead at how you can invest your cash in stylish commodities, which will retain their value – or gain in value, as the months and years progress. Read on to learn of four such examples for your investments in 2020.


Much of the art world will be working on overdrive in the coming months, with artists granted unprecedented space and time to create works that reflect the times that we’re living through. Meanwhile, there are thousands of pieces of art on the market at the present time that are years and decades-old – many of which are valuable and stylish investments for the savvy art critic. If you’re interested in decking your home in fine art, which will appreciate in value as you display it on your walls, then it’s worth looking into online arthouse auctions to get yourself a stylish investment for your home.

Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles have always been seen as an investment – both in your lifestyle and in the commodity itself. Those cars that are regarded as ‘classics’ gain in value over time, until they’re worth a small fortune on the second-hand seller’s market. As such, you should keep an eye out on the pre-owned sports car market to see whether there’s a deal you can take advantage of as an investment in the future. As these cars become rarer, they become more valuable – and you’ll be able to sell yours on for a profit.


By far the most ambitious and expensive of the investments that you might make in 2020, property is a great asset to own – especially if you’re able to work on it over the months and years ahead. If you buy a cheap property today, the chances are that you’ll be able to turn a tidy profit when you sell it in the future. Meanwhile, you’re able to live in your stylish new home, making the most out of your investment as you progress towards the future.


Cars, as we’ve already mentioned, can become classics. So too can artworks, which can gain recognition in the years after the death of the artist. And today, the same process can be observed in the technologies that have defined the twenty-first century. Hundreds of thousands of devices that were once considered the height of technology are now regarded as ‘classics’ of the digital revolution – and can be sold for a high price at auction. Spotting and purchasing these technological wonders to sell in the future is a further savvy and stylish investment that you may want to make in 2020.

These are just four ideas for stylish alternative investments to the stock market in 2020, to keep your money safe in assets for the years to come.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]