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Jaragua Residence, Alphaville, São Paulo, Brazil

Jaragua Residence was built in the outskirts of São Paulo in Alphaville, a constructed city that was started forming in the seventies. An extremely well formed house providing elegance and comfort at the same time.


La Colegiala – Los ilusionistas

La Colegiala featured in one of Nescafe advertisements, advertising Latin America’a coffee. This is Cumbia genre and became more accessible to Europe.


School Lunches Around the World

Sweetgreen, an American organisation informing people on healthy food,  studied its country location, ingredients that provides and the traditions of each country and created a wonderful photo-book about lunch in school.


Ideal Female Body in the 20th Century

Is the ideal female body unique? It seems that over the years the perfect body changes, and changes in the speed of a decade. Each decade featured some characteristics of a human body: waist, cleavage, curves, height, slimness.


Man of the Beach by Dean Bradshaw

In the project ‘Man of the Beach’ Bradshaw tries to identify what is the hero next door, an unconventional anti-hero. It is indeed yet it is not far than the ordinary person. That’s why it tempting enough to watch the project in a closer look.

Tribeca Loft

Refurbished Tribeca Loft Originally Built in 1884

Andrew Franz Architect was the firm to renovate the top floor of a warehouse originally built in 1884. The loft is available for sale. Even if this asset is off budget anyone could have a dream of acquiring it.