Man of the Beach by Dean Bradshaw


Dean Bradshaw lives and works in Venice, California. His parents are from South Africa, that is why he was born in Johannesburg, though he moved to Perth in Australia at age 3 where he grew up. He studied biology, seeminlgy, an urelated discipline to photography. He started hotogrpahing animals, then fascinating places in Wewstern Australia, then “I got into lighting because macro photography requires specialized lighting to make it look interesting” explains and one thing led to another becoming a photographer.

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We take these huge risks and try not to look over the side of the cliff. If we lean over, look, and see what’s down there, it can be terrifying. As creatives, we become really good at convincing ourselves that everything is going to be fine” he explained in an in depth interview at The Great Discontent. It is indeed true as being a freelance artist the risk is high and once work is repayed much later.


In the project ‘Man of the Beach’ Bradshaw tries to identify what is the hero next door, an unconventional anti-hero. It is indeed yet it is not far than the ordinary person. That’s why it tempting enough to watch the project in a closer look. Enjoy.