Paintings by Hanjo Schmidt


Hanjo Schmidt was born in Oberstdorf, Germany and currently lives and works in Stuttgart, Germany but also in New York, USA. Schmidt main technique is acrylic. His main models is through photographs though he does not copying them, rather he is inspired by them. His main theme is bodies and expressions of faces. He does not express the actual body; instead he expresses the movement of the person and the feelings she or he feels at the current moment.  In this post his overall work is presented throughout more than a decade dated from 2003. Enjoy.

hanjo-schmidt-everythingwithatwist-02 hanjo-schmidt-everythingwithatwist-03 hanjo-schmidt-everythingwithatwist-04

hanjo-schmidt-everythingwithatwist-07 hanjo-schmidt-everythingwithatwist-08 hanjo-schmidt-everythingwithatwist-09 hanjo-schmidt-everythingwithatwist-10 hanjo-schmidt-everythingwithatwist-11 hanjo-schmidt-everythingwithatwist-12 hanjo-schmidt-everythingwithatwist-13 hanjo-schmidt-everythingwithatwist-14 hanjo-schmidt-everythingwithatwist-15