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Art Science by Greg Rivera

Dr. Greg Rivera has been experimenting in artscience for some time. By creating these astonishing images he examines further human image intelligence. He tries to loosen…

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Portraits by Kieran Brent

Living and working in Toronto, Kieran Brent has a degree from Ontario College of Art & Design.  He suggested ‘In my work I am exploring various tensions involved with…

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Portraits by Henri Lamy

Henri Lamy is a French artist focusing on acrylic painting. He is influenced by Polloc, one of the most important abstract painters in early 20th century….

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Paintings by Truls Espedal

Truls Espedal was born in Norway. He has a bachelors degree in illustrations and a masters in arts and visual communication both at Kent Institute of Art…

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Hyperrealism Portraits by Vania Comoretti

Vania Comoretti is an Italian artist focusing on Hyperrealism. She was born in Udine and works in her hometown and in Venice. Her drawings are…

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Portraits by Nick Lepard

Nick Lepard has his BFA from  Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver and now pursues his MFA from New York Academy of Art, New York. Nick…

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Paintings by Benjamin Garcia

Benjamin Garcia is from Venezuela having a degree from Caracas Institute of Design. Like Adam Lupton, in most Benjamin’s paintings there are more than one views…

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Portraits by FRANÇOISE NIELLY (second post)

Portraits by FRANÇOISE NIELLY (second post)

Francoise Nielly has an aggressive way of expressing herself by painintg. Although aggresive, the way she works it is at the same time very expressive both…

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Hand Painted Works by Paolo Troilo

Paolo Troilo lives and works in Milan. He started painting at the age of four and never stopped ever since. He is characterised by the extremely…

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