Traveler vs Tourist: Great Illustrations by Holidify


Traveler vs Tourist

Traveler vs Tourist: What is the difference between them? Is there a distinct characteristic? Well, the first, and foremost, difference is the comfort zone. Travelers can, more easily, learn new things, meet with new people and in general try new experiences. In fact, they can engage more deeply with the local cultures. Whereas tourists in general stick to major cities and sightseeing in main attractions.


As Shroff, the creator of Holidify, suggested about travelers that “They’re not super fussy about their hotel or how comfortable their flights or commute are. Their focus is on the experiences irrespective of the facilities they get.“. Furthermore notes that “I feel that everyone has their unique style of traveling, and no style is better than other styles“.


Holidify Identifies the Differences

Holidify started its operations in 2014. Currently it has over 9 million monthly visits. “While everyone had their unique perspectives about how they traveled, we noticed that there are some commonalities and differences between how people travel, and that’s when we thought we should publish an article about this“. Nonetheless, the illustrations are far better than the intended article. At the end, the article was never published.


These illustrations were done around 7-8 years ago, however they are still so contemporary. They have been created by Holidify and they are digital art tips for everyone! The result is impressive. Enjoy!









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