Casa Pentagramma Has Traditional and Contemporary Architecture Characteristics in Rome, Italy


Contemporary Architecture Characteristics in Rome, Italy

This fabulous house having both traditional and contemporary architecture characteristics, resides in the heart of Rome, Italy. Casa Pentagramma was designed by Punto Zero architecture office. In fact, it blends the neighborhood’s classic character along with the modern touches the new owners have. The architects suggest that “[…] a couple of young lovers of contemporary culture tout court, passionate about antiques and regular visitors to markets in Rome and abroad – wanted a house that maintained the typical architectural character of the neighborhood’s buildings but reinterpreted“. In addition, they said that “This was mainly to experience a fluid, bright space, a sort of pentagram house where pieces of furniture, art and collectibles could find the right and harmonious arrangement“.


Casa Pentagramma is in the Garbatella neighborhood. The house was re-designed in 2022. The asset of this apartment is that it adopts in a very efficient way Rome’s rich history and vibrant culture. “A succession of newly smoothed white walls alternates and punctuates the pale walls with the colors and decorations of the original paintings of the house.” the architect indicated. Indeed, “The use of different colors for the various environments becomes the light characterization of the rooms while maintaining the same type of floor as the basis“.


The current owners appreciate the contemporary architecture characteristics of the house. However, Casa Pentagramma could have been set to a luxury boutique accommodation in the city in other circumstances.


Punto Zero: Architectural Office for this Astonishing Apartment

Punto Zero, or Zero Point, is the the studio that defined the contemporary architecture characteristics for this astonishing apartment. “We know how to create and recreate spaces. From the temporary setups to the design of urban areas, we have the expertise to highlight the traditional and modern parts of a house.” they explain, and everything they said is very accurate. “We put the same passion into the entire process, starting from the first day of the project until the last day of its execution. Always, we combine creativity and efficiency“. Certainly, the result is impressive. Enjoy.








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