Illustrations by Japanese Graphic Designer Taku Bannai


Illustrations by Japanese Graphic Designer

Taku Bannai is a Japanese graphic designer who focuses on diverse areas of illustration. More specifically, he focuses on areas such as advertisements, books, magazines, and related artwork for record covers. And the subjects are, primarily, landscapes. “I mostly paint the everyday landscapes of Japan and the daily life of people.” Taku explains in an interview. “The influence of movies, photos, music is also important in my work“.


Taku captures everyday scenery through his minimalist style. Like minimalist painter Henni Alftan, Taku uses all of his assets to create his own stories. “Currently my main work is painting, with digital tools or gouache, and I am also producing collages with cutout pictures.” he explains and it is evident by his work.


Taku Bannai

Born in Tokyo in 1972, Taku graduated from the Department of Graphic Design at Tama Art University in 1996. His main art on which he expresses himself is painting, however other arts including collages and digital art our also employed. Regarding art, “ […] after deciding on the broad picture I determine the elements and positions according to my mood or how I see things at that moment“. In this article the overall work from Taku is presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.





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