Does Your Home Bring You Joy? Modern Decor Ideas

The criteria that your home needs to tick in order to be considered a comfortable home doesn’t necessarily align perfectly with whether or not you’re completely happy when you spend time there. For example, it could provide all the facilities you need and might even offer you a space to recharge and relax within, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better. Modern decor ideas can do the trick!


So what? The things that would elevate your home to that level are surely just optional extras that will only cost you more money? They might, but you might also be underestimating how much of a difference it can make to your life when you feel happy at home.


So, what would it take? Well, consider each room.

When you enter your home, you want a space where you can deposit your shoes, and your coats and maybe gather everything that you need before you head out. This is a practical space you won’t spend much time in, so it can be difficult to do much other than make it as practical as possible, thereby increasing its comfort.


When you enter the living room, it’s a space that’s about relaxation. In that case, decorating it and perhaps giving it lighting that isn’t just the overhead lighting might help to soften it. The kitchen is another practical space but one that you want to be relaxed and happy to spend time in – houseplants and maybe a dining table can help with this.

Finally, the bedroom – if the bed is bad for your back or the space doesn’t allow you to properly relax enough to fall asleep, it could be impacting your life more than you know.


What about the outside areas? When you come home after a long day, and you see your house, that first impression is one that you want to be positive – building an association between it and the joy that it brings you. This might fall into place once the inside is properly adjusted, but looking into residential house painting can help the physical appearance to reflect this and bring it together more cohesively with your interior design.

Other than that, you have the gardens to consider. Gardening yourself can help you customize it in the way you would like, and it can give you a relaxing outdoor space to spend time in when you need fresh air. Finally, even your driveway can add to your home comfort, check out the driveway design ideas article to find more.

Improved Facilities

As long as you feel your home is ticking the boxes of each facility, what else is there to say? However, the quality of these facilities might make interacting with them stressful or unfulfilling. A prime example of this is a shower with low water pressure, making washing every day a slog instead of something that recharges you and makes you feel ready for the day. Similarly, if your washing machine or oven don’t work properly, those are major milestone chores of the day that become much more difficult – in the latter case, that might even prevent you from getting as involved with cooking and baking as you would like. In general, when you assess modern decor ideas, your house definitely gets better!

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]