Recycled Art Ideas by Nick Gentry


Recycled Art Ideas

Nick Gentry is a British artist who focusses on recycled technological artefacts. Gentry settles close to recycled art ideas, using junk as raw material. “By working with used junk I think people can make an instant connection with what they are seeing.” Gentry explains. “The work can be interpreted in a variety of ways, so in a sense there is no right or wrong way to understand it. If the viewer looks at the work and sees something of themselves in there then that could be a good start“.


Like in the painted photographs article, Nick creates new art through outdated recycled material such as floppy disks and VHS tapes. He identifies the evolution from VHS (outdated) to the internet (current), and narrates on both directions towards the past and the future. Paul Laster, a New York desk editor of art, expresses Gentry’s art as “Offspring of Metropolis and Ex Machina, Gentry’s wide-eyed people, who wear informational histories on their skins, tell us as much about the future as they do about the past“.


The main idea through recycled art ideas regarding this article, is the way of using outdated VHS tapes. Gentry uses VHS tapes and paint on wood to create these wonderful artwork. He works on obsolete technologies to create a fresh look of art.


Nick Gentry

Nick Gentry is a British artist that holds a degree from Central St Martins. His generation used extensively floppy disks, VHS tapes and Polaroid’s; all being outdated technologies. However, Nick assessing, through old technology, how people behave currently.


I remember being profoundly influenced by Blade Runner. It’s not a movie that you enjoy! Instead it stirred up intense curiosity about who we are as humans. The more we develop technology in our own image the more we begin to find out about the very aspects that differentiate us as human” he explains.


His work has been exhibited throughout the world, the most recent exhibitions being the ones in Miami and Brussels. The result is impressive. Enjoy.



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