Exciting Hobbies You Can Enjoy in Your Own Home and Backyard

When you find yourself with a little bit of extra time on your hands, you always wonder what you could be doing to enhance your creativity, fitness or mental strength. When you feel on top of your household chores and caught up with your workload, you need an extra something to keep you occupied and entertained. Whether you want to get into music a little bit more, or you want to explore a hobby that keeps you more physically active, there is so much you can do in your very own home and backyard. If you’re not sure where to begin and need a touch of inspiration, here are a handful of exciting hobbies that you can enjoy right away!



Not only is yoga brilliant for your physical health, but it can also completely transform your mind and way of thinking too. Practicing yoga regularly improves your muscle tone, flexibility, strength, concentration and ability to think positively. You can also carry out yoga in the comfort of your own home or backyard by following a simple online tutorial. So, even if you have never dipped your toe into yoga before you can give it a try without even going anywhere!


Many people say that gardening is a therapeutic and rewarding hobby that they get a lot of. Heading outside and working on your garden is something you have to work towards and do a little research on before you dive straight into it. However, once you find your flow with gardening your projects may start to get a little bigger and more advanced. Whether you’re tending to new flowers or growing your very own vegetables, there are limitless opportunities for you to explore in your very own backyard.

Target Practice

If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of outdoor space, or even acres of land outside your property you may want to take up shooting or target practice from the comfort of your own home. No need to head to your local shooting range to enjoy this hobby, when there are a whole host of shooting bases, stands, and targets that you can simply purchase online. You can choose the right type of equipment to suit your preferences and customize your shooting experience right away.

Playing an Instrument

Being a creative soul at heart is often the reason why you’re looking for a new challenge or hobby. Perhaps sports and physical activities outdoors aren’t your cup of tea; there are still so many artistic hobbies you can try out for yourself without having to go anywhere. Playing a musical instrument is an especially good hobby if you have some sort of a musical background or interest. Even if you’re starting from scratch, there’s so much you can learn along the way. Whether you’re interested in playing the guitar or you want to learn the piano, you can either hire a teacher to come to your home or you can learn using an online tutorial. Practice makes perfect when it comes to learning an instrument so you will need to dedicate some time to this new hobby.

Painting and Crafting

Another creative hobby that is enjoyed by many is painting, crafting and even coloring. There is something extremely relaxing and rewarding about picking up a paintbrush or coloring pen and losing yourself in an artistic piece of work. You don’t have to be particularly talented or have any prior experience with artwork to enjoy this hobby. You can buy a fairly cheap blank canvas, some paints and brushes and allow your mind to explore anything you want. Alternatively, you can paint in everyday objects!


When it comes to crafting you can also use odds and ends from around the house to make cards, gifts and keepsakes for others. Some people find these types of exciting hobbies so calming, especially if you’ve had a busy or stressful day.


Picking up a fiction book and losing yourself in a brand new world that you’ve never experienced before, should never be underestimated. You can pick up reading as a hobby at any point in your life; it’s never too late to become a bookworm. Nowadays, it’s also so easy to access new books and releases so you will never be stuck for something amazing to read when you’re in the right mood. You may even want to take your hobby one step further and join a local book club. This is the ideal way to make new friends, meet people with similar interests as you and do something different with your reading hobby.


Jigsaw puzzles, crosswords and math puzzles are extremely popular and for very good reasons. Not only are they a lot of fun and very satisfying to finish, but they also help to keep your mind sharp. All of these activities are great for testing your concentration, memory and general knowledge which will come in useful throughout all stages of your life.

Cooking and Baking

If you’re brand new to baking, you can dip your toe into this hobby by following some simple baking recipes online. You can invest in some inexpensive baking or cooking equipment whilst you get started, and then expand upon your collection once you know it’s the right activity for you. Cooking and baking can be so therapeutic and satisfying to do, so why not try it out for yourself? The advantage of this type of hobby is that you get to eat all of the delicious dishes and goods you make at the end of it and your home already smells great too!

Hopefully, some of these ideas inspire you to try something new and explore different, exciting hobbies that make you feel excited. Having a hobby is all about nurturing your mind, body and soul in a positive way that makes you feel more fulfilled on a day to day basis. It may take you some time to figure out what your favorite activity is, but once you discover it you’ll enjoy experiencing all of the benefits that go hand in hand with it too!

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]