3 Simple Ways on How to Better Insulate Your Home Without Tearing Things Apart

Home insulation is a hot topic (pardon the pun) as everyone seeks to make their properties warmer. The higher the ambient temperature in your house, the lower the demand for a heating source. In today’s climate, that translates to lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint. There are several ways on how to better insulate your home in this article.


You’re ticking two massive boxes, but how do you insulate your home? A few ideas that spring to mind are:

i. Install new windows

ii. Fit new insulation between the walls

iii. Install a new roof

iv. Get carpet laid down on your floors

All of these options will work, there’s just one issue…they involve tearing things up around your home. Whether it’s ripping out old windows to place new ones in or completely upending your floorboards – you’re doing a lot of work just to improve insulation. What if there were easier ways to do this without tampering with existing structures around your home? Well, here are three ideas to consider:

Coat the outside of your home with rendering

Rendering is a coating that goes over your bricks or the exterior face of your home. Most people get external rendering for aesthetic reasons, but it also helps with insulation. Especially if you opt for cork rendering which is proven to boost the insulative properties of your home. Simply put, you’re adding another layer outside your house, effectively wrapping it up in a warm sweater. There’s no need to do any construction work at all – the rendering company simply sprays it on!

Insulate your roof

Instead of installing a brand-new roof, head to your loft and insulate it. You’ll find many insulative materials to use here, such as foil or foam. The best loft insulation can be stuck to the inside of your roof, providing a protective barrier. Heat struggles to escape through the roof and cold air stops coming in. This is a genius way of tackling one of the main sources of heat loss without ripping off your roof.


Install rugs and curtains

Don’t remove your existing flooring and replace it with carpet. A smarter alternative is to lay thick rugs on the floor. You can get massive ones that cover most of the floor space and provide a way of insulating the room. Combine this with curtains on your windows for the ultimate insulative effect. Curtains trap heat from escaping through the windows, making every room in your house a little bit warmer.

Homeowners always assume that insulating their house has to be a massive renovation job. Fair enough, if you’ve not had the insulation changed for years or you just moved into a new house and the surveyor said to replace the insulation, then you will need to embark on a big project. But for most people, there are simpler ways of insulating a home.

You don’t need to have large construction projects or spend days/weeks with parts of your home lifted off or being rebuilt. Simply focus on the following: cover your home in protective external rendering, get loft insulation, and install rugs and curtains! We hope we have identified great ways how to better insulate your home. By assessing your home insulation, then you can check other endeavours such as how to redesign your bedroom.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]