Sculpture Materials and Techniques by Sarah Kaye Rodden


Sculpture Materials and Techniques

Sarah Kaye Rodden is British artist who currently lives and works in Brasted, Kent. Sculpture materials and techniques are the main ingredients for her to create art. “My creative process always starts with a medium” Sarah confides. “It then becomes a playful and intuitive quest to discover how I can transform it“.


Sarah creates contemporary forms with traditional materials. More specifically, she develops explicit art through repetition and at the same time subtle changes in tone and texture that generate meaning. “I am always searching for pure form.” she explains. “I work mainly in single materials such as cardboard, leather and rubber. At the moment I am venturing into the world of jesmonite and steel“. As opposed to the exaggerated portraits article, Sarah creates a unique environment and within it she creates.


Sarah Kaye Rodden

Sarah Kaye Rodden is an artist focusing on sculpture. She holds a degree from Fine Art at Newcastle University and started drawing from the Royal Academy of Art. “When it comes to art, I learn mainly by doing.” Sarah explained in a recent interview. “I think it’s important to try, and fail, but to always have the confidence in your gut instincts“.


Her latest exhibition, Light Spilling in through a Window, was showed in Francis Gallery last September. In this article her overall work is presented. Sculpture materials and techniques at their best. The result is impressive. Enjoy.






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