Wonderfully Exaggerated Portraits by Hideaki Kawashima


Wonderfully Exaggerated Portraits

Hideaki Kawashima is an artist, originally from Aichi, Japan. He creates some awesome, exaggerated portraits, primarily on acrylic paint. “I came to think that what I was painting were the reserves I had against myself at the [teen] time.” he explains in an interview. “Whether it was narcissism, romance, or the course of my career, I felt this strong sentiment mixed with elements of regret. I believe that this is what drives me to paint“.


Kawashima’s work is somewhat different than Ferguson’s print making art ideas. More specifically, his main theme is figures of females having very light colours. In addition, most of the times these exaggerated portraits have the same rounded shape. In fact, due to this repetitive pattern, some suggested that most of his portraits resemble versions of a self-portrait. However, Hideaki said on that “It was not an ideological thing like a self-portrait. I think it was more like painting a character. Instead of being someone’s likeness, it was my own character.“.


Hideaki Kawashima

Hideaki was born in Aichi, Japan in 1969. He has a degree from Tokyo Zokei University. From his early stages as an artist, Kawashima was bad at colors as described himself. He developed a minimal palette to work on and create the wonderful, exaggerated portraits of androgynous figures. Exhibitions from Kawashima’s work has been performed both in Japan and in the USA. The latest being in the Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica in 2023 and in the Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo in 2018. In this article his overall work is presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.







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