Why MOTs are a Legal Requirement for Vehicle Safety Inspection

In England, it is against the law to drive a vehicle that does not have a valid MOT test pass certificate. What this means is that once per year, you must take your car to a registered garage and allow them to carry out an MOT inspection. Why is this a legal requirement? Read on to find out more regarding vehicle safety inspection.


What the MOT Test Covers

An MOT Birmingham service will cover a standard list of checks that all vehicles must be subject to annually. A mechanic will check:

a. Brake function

b. Windscreen wipers and fluid

c. Tyres

d. Fuel efficiency

e. Headlights

f. Seatbelts

g. Mirrors

So, it is evident from this list that the top priority is vehicle safety and ensuring it is roadworthy.

Making Cars Safe

It is not just you that is at risk if your car is not roadworthy, it is everyone around you too. In order to ensure that you are driving safely and your vehicle is up to a secure standard, it is important to go through the rigmarole of ensuring you book in this test. This will make sure the car experts looking after your vehicle flag anything that needs flagging and carry out essential repairs where necessary.

Ensuring High Standards

It is also important that vehicles driving around are operating at a certain standard. This is your duty of care as a driver and should always be a top priority. If you cause an accident and it is because your car has not been checked over, then you are completely liable.

If Your Vehicle Fails the Test

If your vehicle does not pass the test, then your garage will have some recommendations for why this is the case. There are often small jobs that need doing to bring the car up to the expected standard, and how much this cost depends on what it is. It is important to get the repairs done as soon as possible so the vehicle can be retested. If you do this at the original location, you should generally expect a free retest which will hopefully lead to a valid PASS certification.


How Much Should an MOT Cost?

The average cost of an MOT is around £40, but it is possible to find garages that make it cheaper for their customers. This is a standard cost and covers things like time, administration, and work. If you want to own and drive a car, this is just a part of the package. The cost of not having a valid certificate is usually a fine which can range up to £1000! So arguably, just booking it in is worth it overall.

Insurance Thoughts

It may be difficult to secure an insurance policy for your vehicle if you do not hold a valid MOT either. So, this is another area where you would be not only breaking the law but also highly at risk if an accident were to occur while you were driving.

Therefore, MOTs are legal for a valid reason. It is essential that your vehicle passes these checks so that you know you are driving with safety in mind.

By using the proper actions for vehicle safety inspection, you do not need to find out what to do in a car accident.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]