Más o Menos, Desert Architecture in Joshua Tree, California


Californian Desert Architecture

Desert architecture identifies several aspects of climatic conditions with high temperatures. Joshua Tree is a place in California with such conditions. It has high temperatures especially during summer time. In the Highway 62, a road that passes through the Joshua Tree, there is the Más o Menos. It is a tavern and a bar that serves coffee, wine and cocktails depending on the customer’s state of mind for the day. In addition, offers community programming through bi-weekly pop-ups.


The façade was originally created in 1952 and was fully preserved after renovation. However, inside of the tavern a new setting is in place. Terracotta tiles, warm sandy colours and inviting furniture create a friendly environment for people to relax and enjoy their short stays. In addition, the small places of the bar, including the bathrooms, use tile gradients and clay-based materials to match perfectly with the surrounding area. In fact, this bar creates a casual atmosphere for people to hang together.


Shaping Más o Menos

For this wonderful renovations two offices were involved: Studio Plow and Barrett Karber of Grain Construction. “From San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Sonoma to Colorado and Utah, our design services extend across breathtaking locations, crafting unique and personalized spaces that capture the essence of each place.” Studio Plow suggested. “Our services include virtual design consultations, full-service residential and commercial remodels, and new construction projects“.


In working with a wide range of private clients, interior designers, and architects, we focus on innovative, architecturally-driven design and building that adheres to our signature simple, modern aesthetic” Barrett Karber says. Some parts of the Más o Menos resembles the merida properties, which resides in Mexico. The result is impressive. Enjoy







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