Paintings of Female Figures by Cristina BanBan


Paintings of Female Figures

Cristina BanBan is an artist originaly from Barcelona, Spain. Her main work is paintings of female figures. Magnified portraits of female fogures in a universe that BanBan has created. “I mostly paint people doing things, sometimes in situations that are also familiar to me, stressing the subjectivity of the personal experiences.” Christina suggests. “When I don’t use figures to narrate a story you can find mundane objects and street scenarios in my paintings. I feel inspired by daily life and the act of painting itself“.


By asserting the human body, BanBan explores the power that a woman can posess. She sketches female figures with immense strength and enormous hands trying to identify how a woman with this attributes fits in the world. “I learned [my style of] painting by making errors, and by working a lot,” Cristina said. “The only thing I kept doing throughout the years was painting female bodies“. As a result, contemporary figure paintings are prominent in her work.


Cristina BanBan

BanBan has been working in London since 2012. “[I] have a studio in Hackney Wick, an area that is sadly changing too fast, and workspaces are disappearing. Luckily, I still have a great studio in an amazing old building where there is a community of artists working together and sharing experience” she explains. Her first art experiences started at the age of 5 through a painting course and from then on the journey started. “I continued in that Art School as a regular after school duty continuing until I started my BA.” BanBan suggested in an interview.


Cristina holds a BA, Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Her main tecnhnique is acrylic as “[…] it allows me to create any sort of texture“. Several exhibition has taken place, the latest being Figura in Perrotin Gallery, Tokyo and Skarstedt Gallery in New York, USA. In this article her overall work is repsented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.




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