Bathroom Upgrades: 5 Reasons You Should Repair Your Bathroom

It is estimated that roughly 14.2 million bathrooms are remodeled or repaired to some extent in the US every year. And the cities with the largest bathroom renovation markets include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Phoenix, Memphis, and Oklahoma City. These places comprise a considerable chunk of the total market size in terms of the number of bathrooms repaired or renovated as well as the amounts spent on them. Bathroom upgrades is very hot nowadays!


Major renovations are usually a result of bathrooms severely degrading or being damaged. In fact, it is the second largest reason why people remodel these places. To be precise, 33% of American households surveyed in 2022 stated that they undertook a renovation project. This is because the old bathroom broke down or was considerably deteriorated. The largest fact is people not being able to stand the style of their old bathroom.

Other reasons why people repair or remodel their bathrooms include improving the resale value, as even minor changes or bathroom upgrades can offer a return of up to $1.71 for every dollar spent. This amount can vary based on whether the repairs are extensive or not and what the ultimate design is that you follow. Also, the location where you reside matters too. For instance, bathroom remodels in Oklahoma City can offer slightly higher returns.

That being said, here are some of the major reasons to repair or remodel your bathroom:

1. The design has become outdated

The general norm is to remodel your kitchen and bathroom every ten years. Not only to modernize the appearance but also to address any potential underlying problems. Older bathrooms frequently have leaky showers, mildew, loose wall tiles, and floor tiles that need some looking after. A frequent occurrence is when matching tiles is impossible during a repair because they are no longer manufactured.

Not only can remodeling an outdated bathroom improve its appearance, but it will also make sure that all of the fixtures and fittings. This also includes your bathtub, shower, taps, and toilet, are in good operating order and don’t leak or seep. Generally, as part of repairing a bathroom, people tend to upgrade and renovate it. This mainly that the hardware is updated and the overall style and theme of the room are also enhanced.

2. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home after all

Although it may not be stated enough, the bathroom is unique in its function, making it one of the most necessary and frequently used spaces in a home. If you think about it, you can sleep almost anywhere and cook too, but when it is time to answer nature’s call, there is only one place where you can go. Therefore, paying attention to repairs needed around the bathroom is extremely important.

A bathroom that is leaking, where the toilet flush isn’t working, or is infested with all kinds of bugs will make you puke, rendering it unusable. Men, on most occasions, do actually spend a lot of time in the bathrooms of their houses. Even a simple shower can take as long as 30 minutes. Obviously, then, it pays to have the room in perfect working condition and even renovated from time to time so that it offers a comforting vibe.


3. Functional and stylish bathrooms add value to a home

As noted in the opening paragraphs, bathroom repairs and renovations can significantly impact the list price of a home. Most investors who are looking to quickly flip a property and even homeowners looking to inhabit a place for a long time undertake kitchen and bathroom renovations as a priority. The primary reason behind this is not just to update the aesthetic of these spaces and tailor them more toward personal tastes but also to add value to a home.

According to a study by House Method, the average full bathroom remodel cost homeowners around $26,574 in 2022. It was anticipated that the median ROI (return on investment) upon resale was nearly $15,944, or 60%. The average bathroom renovation raised a home’s resale value by more than enough in all 50 states to cover the cost of the work. Even if you are not planning to list the house for sale now, you can expect to fetch a higher value for the place at a later date.

4. Make the room more spacious

Bathroom upgrades and remodels are two terms that are used in continuity because many people who undertake a repair project. Eventually, actions like this end up renovating the room to some extent. So, another reason to initiate a repair of your bathroom, be it minor or major, is to open up the space, making it feel less cramped and claustrophobic. Spacious rooms have become a hallmark of modern properties as they provide a more luxurious touch to the home.

Surprisingly, renovations don’t take a lot to make a small bathroom feel more open. However, it does take a lot of planning and extensive discussions with a professional interior designer. You may just need to add a new vanity or replace the tub with a shower. By doing so, the room starts feeling bigger than it originally was. Also, allowing in more natural light by adding a window or mirrors can help you achieve this goal.

5. Water conservation

In modern times, people are paying a lot of attention to their waste in terms of power and water. As these resources are scarce and their extensive use damages the planet, more and more homeowners are leaning toward repairs and renovations that somehow conserve a little bit. In terms of water, a significant motivation when undertaking bathroom repairs is to save more of it when showering, washing hands, or using the toilet.

Some of the ways to do this include replacing the tub with a low-flow shower. Moreover, one can add sensor-activated taps, or investing in a smart toilet that uses significantly less water than a normal one. Thanks to advancements in technology and the introduction of more cost-efficient construction materials, these fittings are not all that expensive anymore. If you are taking up a repair job for the bathroom, swapping normal hardware for these more efficient options is ideal.


There are various reasons why people repair or remodel their bathrooms. Most of these causes are based on personal preferences and tastes, but at the end of the day, there are benefits associated with these projects. When you undertake a renovation or repair, you enjoy a great return on investment and a more stylish and trendy appearance to your bathroom. Whether you are private home owner or just renting your apartment, ROI is evident in both cases.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]