Public Space Documentary Photographer Skander Khlif


Public Space Documentary Photography

Skander Khlif is a public space documentary photographer who currently lives and works in Munich, Germany. One of his latest series, Before the human storm, depicts restaurants and cafes in the Ghar el Melh Lagoon, Tunisia. In fact, the region was designated as a Wetland of International Importance. The survival of this sensitive ecosystem is dependent on maintaining a good circulation of water within the various sub-ecosystems.


Khlif shot wonderfully restaurants and cafes that provide related services for the public in the wider area. “Their beauty captivates the eye, while their subtle message beckons us to reflect upon our responsibility towards the environment and the detrimental effects of our actions.” Khlif’s suggests. It seems like nostalgia photography, however all cafes and restaurants depicted are currently functioning.


Photographer Skander Khlif

Skander Khlif is originally from Tunis, this is why he knows Tunisia. He learned about the art of photography during a school project. “I was 15 and got a simple assignment to document doors in a small old town in Tunisia.” Skander explains. “Even though I didn’t start right after that, this experience made me notice the super power of a camera. Having the ability to make things looks better than we usually notice. Finding and showing the beauty in everything“. And this is evident by his work.


Public space documentary photography became his passion some years later. His first group exhibitions took place in 2010 and from then on he is behind his camera. He has several awards, the latest being the Finalist CAP Prize 2020 and the Winner Italian Street Photography Festival 2022. Furthermore, his work has been exhibited in several magazines, including GQ Magazine and Wall Street Journal. The result is impressive. Enjoy.










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