Learn How to Make Your Personal Art Studio More Enticing to Visitors

Although it is every young artist’s dream to have people fighting each other to pay for their creations – in reality, this rarely happens. Even if you have your own personal art studio and you open it to the public on certain days of the week, you will find that your visitors are few and far between.


However, if you are lucky to have an art studio in a popular place where there are a lot of people walking past your door, you should at least try to encourage them to come in and spend some of their money on your works of art. It can be attractive to visitors and can provide you with personal financial health!

#1 Keep the exterior warm and friendly

Although most people have different opinions on what makes a space warm and friendly, the majority would say that having large groups of youths hanging around isn’t one of them. If you find that you have individuals loitering around your frontage that have no intention or interest in your studio, you should endeavor to encourage them to move on to new areas. Visitors will certainly feel intimidated and very uneasy in spending time in a place that harbors a gang at its front door.

However, by installing a device like a mosquito alarm, you could find that your ‘problem’ disperses or drifts off and, after a while, will not come back. This will allow your visitors time to linger outside before entering your studio and will have them in a calm, peaceful state of mind to enjoy the artwork that you are showcasing with the hope of making some sales.

#2 Inspire curiosity on your doorstep


Of course, you are going to have to inspire some curiosity in order to get those passers-by wanting to look in and learn more. With the removal of the unwanted groups outside your studio, you are bound to feel safer leaving a few works of art either outside or in your lobby area. These items should be intriguing and create interest, and you should openly invite those individuals in to see more that are on display.

#3 Provide a welcoming environment

Although it is not a good idea to jump on anyone that has ventured into your studio, as this can be seen as pushy, you should, however, acknowledge that they are by saying hello. A friendly face with a smile can put visitors at ease, and it is a good idea to have soft music playing so that if the visitors want to comment to each other, they are not feeling like the world is listening to their conversation.

Whether you choose to offer your visitors the opportunity to buy and consume beverages while they browse is certainly up to you – you may find it beneficial to provide somewhere where they can relax with a coffee and a slice of cake or a cookie. This will give them time to think about the artwork around them, and maybe (if you provide a wide price range) have them decide on making a further purchase before they leave.

If you would rather not, then you should think about the smells that can be created within your personal art studio, which most people associate with calm and comfortable surroundings, as this can relieve tensions and encourage people to spend longer and potentially make a purchase.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]