Extraordinary Narrative Paintings by Heidi Hahn


Narrative Paintings

Heidi Hahn is an artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Narrative paintings are prominent in her work. As she expressed in a recent interviewI would describe my work as narrative formalism […]“. In fact, the main theme within her paintings is the female character. “I have always been interested in women’s lives: how they are represented or how they represent themselves.” Hahn explains. Moreover, “[…] for me to paint women or have my practice encompass that conversation is important. I am not romanticizing them at all; I’m always trying to dispense with the clichés“.


There is a rich inner life that many people who paint women don’t articulate or expand upon.” Hahn said. However, Hahn’s work delves into the rich life of women. The narrative paintings are being told repeatedly in different ways. Heidi tries, and wonderfully depicts, a full spectrum of a woman on her paintings. As opposed to the geometric expressions, which are precise, Heidi’s work has a different approach expressing a deeper view of the context.


Heidi Hahn

Heidi Hahn currently works in New York City. Nonetheless, she is originally from Los Angeles, California. Hahn’s paintings are part of distinguished museums throughout the world including High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Moderna Museet Stockholm and New Century Art Foundation Shanghai. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Cooper Union in 2006, and a Master’s degree from Yale University in 2014. In addition, she holds several awards along with the ones from Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and the Headlands Center for the Arts. In this article her overall work is presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.









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