Geometric Expressions, Illustrations by Yasuo-Range


Geometric Expressions

Yasuo-range is an illustrator originally from Tokyo. The work that she produces has a nostalgic flair. However, every element of this work is original and up to date. “First, I make a rough sketch on my iPad, and then I draw the same motif repeatedly to find the ideal deformed expression,” Yasuo-range explains. Everything is not easy. A shape or skecth can be formed instantly “[…] or it may only be found after days of rest, and I try to enjoy this process as much as possible“.


Yasuo-range’s illustrations have a modernism touch, but at the same time they have a definite Japanese influence. The result is geometrical expressions using straight lines and circles. As opposed to Sea and Sky Paintings by Al Freno, which the blue is prominent within almost every painting, Yasuo-range focusses in the details of shapes, structures and outlines. The colours are sharp and intensive, to clarify in essence her point. Her main element being always experimenting.


Illustrator Yasuo-range

Yasuo-range uses primarily geometric expressions to depict still life illustrations. Having some experiecnce as a UI Designer, Yasuo-range became an independent illustrator. While searching for a comfortable combination of shapes, colors and textures, she paints with a vibrant and live way. “I am looking for my own expression by fusing the clear shape of a digital work with the taste and fluctuation like analogue.” Yasuo-range explains. “It’s like drawing a work while constantly experimenting”. The result is impressive. Enjoy.








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