Merida properties: Compact House Re-design by FMT Estudio


Merida properties

Merida properties are being developed for some time. FMT Estudio fully restored an old building in the heart of Merida, Mexico. After discussions with the client, the studio was fully re-designed creating a cozy environment. As a matter of fact, the couple had a large book collection and artworks that needed to be displayed. Certainly, this was performed with great care as one can see in the pictures.


With similar techniques, one can find the Historic Building which resides in Valencia, Spain. Both have similar mosaic flooring and high ceilings. It seems that the two cities have comparable styles as far as the architecture is concerned.


FMT Estudio architects

FMT Estudio is an architectural office, which resides in Merida, Mexico. The office focusses primarily on residential projects in the wider area of Yucatán peninsula. “We are a team of architects in Mérida that develops projects to transform the housing experience in the Yucatán peninsula.” they explain. Their involvement is above all to respect the project itself as well as the surrounding area.


In fact, they contribute to the quality of each engagement and this is evident throughout the city. “We believe that a building, in addition to protecting us, should be a backdrop for our lives; allowing us to contemplate nature, sleep comfortably, have long conversations with friends and cultivate memories” they have justified earlier. The result is impressive. Enjoy.




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