Vacation Home Ideas: How To Decorate Perfectly For The Season

If you’ve just bought a home you plan to vacation in, you need to decorate it with the season in mind! Whether you’re going away for the summer or winter, or you want to spend a couple weeks there every fall, the decor has to be perfect. And that’s what we’re here to help with for some great vacation home ideas for decorating it.


A vacation home needs to represent everything you want from your time off, and designing with this underlying principle will carry you through every time. But to make sure you achieve the look you want, here are a few more things to think about.

Design with Relaxation in Mind

Speaking of designing with purpose, this is the main aim of any vacation getaway. You want to get away from it all, and turn off your phone for a bit – you want to relax! That means you should decorate with this idea in mind.

So, what would make you want to curl up with a good book and a coffee over anything else? A book nook next to a window, or a big bed you can really spread out in? Think up some ideas like these to create a layout and go from there.

Think About the Temperature

Say you’re buying a house in the mountains; it’s going to be cold up there most of the time! That means you should decorate with a cozy sense in mind. Blankets and fur rugs, plenty of texture and wood piles in the corner, etc.

And the opposite goes for a home that’s situated near the beach. It’s going to be warm and sunny when you’re out there, so decorate to ensure the air can flow and with a cool color scheme.

Make it Easy to Clean

A vacation home isn’t somewhere you’ll be 24/7. As such, you should make it a place that’s very easy to keep clean. For example, lay hardwood flooring or linoleum in all rooms, or make sure the wallpaper is a type that’s quite easy to wipe down, especially if you’ve got a pet.


Because you could be tracking in mud and other debris from hikes during the day or spending time at the beach. That’s a nightmare! And if there are only a few days of the vacation left, you’re not going to have time to set aside to clean.

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Storage

Storage space is underrated in the vacation home world. After all, you need plenty of space for food, toiletries, bed clothes and blankets, or any other items you don’t want to have to leave for.

You’re on vacation, who’s got time to hit the shops more than once! Stock up early, make sure you’ve got the cupboard and closet space, and then bunker down for the week and get your relaxation rituals in.

If you’ve just invested in a vacation home, decorate it to be a place of ultimate convenience. If you want to relax, you can’t be worrying about the cleaning! We hope we have given you some good vacation home ideas for decorating it for the season. You can also check some bedroom decorating ideas in this article.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]