Everyday Objects Neatly Organised by Jane Housham


Neatly Arranged Εveryday Οbjects

Jane Housham is an artist who focusses on several aspects of art. In this specific instance of her work, Housham tries to collect everyday objects with speicific rational. As in Unique Collages by Lee McKenna, Jane tries and wonderfully organises the objects at hand. In fact, she finds objects of almost any use, from food to games.


The categorization is precise and based by color, shape, or the theme of everyday objects. Specific items are grouped by the use or the specific design of each object. “If I’ve acquired a new (to me) little object, that often nudges me to revisit the category it belongs to—a new tiny seahorse or radio will subtly alter the pre-existing set, and the arrangement is always fresh in any case.” Housham explains. “Seahorses and radios are particular favourites of mine“.


Jane Housham

Jane Housham is a collector, an artist and a writer who creates some great art. She currently lives and works in Hitchin, United Kingdom. “I have two main ways of working. I mostly either paint in acrylics on canvas or I work in oil pastel over large digital prints.” Houshman explains. “I also love to do collage and recently I’ve been making digital prints as well“. In this article this amazing collection of everyday objects are presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.





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