Decorating With Bohemian Flair creating Rustic Vibes

Boho style is coming of age. Free spirits from across the globe are trying it, and having remarkable success creating rustic vibes.


The Bohemian concept is different from practically any other style out there. While others try to obey rules, boho deliberately breaks them, giving you something wild, free, and unique in your personal space. It can even become a hobby income!

But how do you make it happen? That’s the big question.

This post finds out. We take a look at some of the techniques you can implement to create your very own boho interiors and wow your guests.

Use A Jewel-Toned Color Palette

Bohemian style is not afraid of bold and vibrant colors, so choose hues that reflect your mood and energy. You’ll notice that a lot of designers use jewel-toned colors, like ruby and emerald. Stick with these for highlights and the main elements of the room you want to draw attention to.

You can also use warm earth tones as a base, such as browns, grays, and greens as these tend to provide the background mood and setting. Remember, boho isn’t about dazzling people with bright colors: it’s all about creating a vibe.

Experiment With Patterns

The next step is to play with patterns, one of the fun aspects of bohemian decor. We suggest using stripes, florals, geometric shapes, and paisley prints as these have a knack for catching the eye.


Don’t go mad, though. The key is to balance the scale and contrast of the patterns so they don’t clash or overwhelm each other.

Layer Rugs

Rugs are essential for adding warmth, comfort, and texture to your bohemian space. It’s hard to do it without them. (If you try, you often wind up with something that looks more “shabby chic” than bohemian).

There are several ways you can use rugs. You can either layer them on top of each other to create a cozy and inviting feel or use them to define your space as an alternative to a plain floor.

Putting a rug on a porcelain tile floor can make it more boho and less clinical. You’re much more likely to feel the welcoming warmth of a room as you add more fabrics.

Add Metal Here And There

Metallic elements can add some sparkle and glamor to your bohemian decor. You’ll often see them in combination with mirrored cabinets and side tables. You can use gold, silver, or copper accessories including vases and lamps. Metallic wallpaper or paint is also an option for statement walls or ceilings.

Use Natural Wood Elements

Natural wood is another excellent way to make boho interiors more textured. You get more of the grain, which is essential for bringing warmth and character to your bohemian space. You can use wood furniture, shelves, tables, or benches to add some rustic or vintage flair. Another option is to add more organic elements, such as baskets and trays, to help the room flow more.

In summary, going “boho” is all about adding flair and originality and rustic vibes to your spaces. Critically, you’re not following rules. Instead, you’re playing and letting your personality shine.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]