Tips on Making Your Short-Term Rental Business Model that Lasts

Have you been struggling to make your short-term rental business model stand out in a market now filled with vacation rentals? With the demand increasing, it’s more important than ever that you showcase what sets your property apart from others. A listing on Airbnb or another platform simply won’t cut it – guests nowadays have access to an abundance of options and need something extra special if they’re going to choose yours. If you want your short-term rental to stand out from the rest, here are some great tips to make it happen.


1. Set Competitive Rates

To capture potential guests’ attention, it is essential to set rates that are competitive within the industry. Your prices should be in line with existing trends while still being profitable for you. Doing this will ensure your offers stay attractive and up-to-date. For example, you could incentivize customers by offering discounts during the most popular times of the year. You can craft seasonal packages such as ski rentals in winter and beach vacations over summer to attract more business.

2. Make Your Space Inviting

To make your short-term rental business model stand out from the competition, invest in quality furniture and décor to create a cozy environment that will entice guests. You can also add small touches such as artwork, decorative pillows, and fresh flowers or plants for an additional inviting atmosphere. You can do that through affordable home improvements.

3. Offer Additional Services

Accommodation is not enough – to truly make your rental stand out from the competition, why not offer valuable services? From airport pick-ups and professional cleaning services to meal delivery or even access to a local gym – these types of extras will ensure that you remain competitive while also allowing you to raise your rates.

4. Feature Photos That Showcase Your Property

For your short term rental to stand a chance against the competition, high-quality photos are an absolute must. People now expect gorgeous staging and presentation from top platforms like Airbnb – so make sure that reality matches expectations when they arrive! Ultimately, investing in professional photography services is money well spent; it’ll bring out the best angles of your property for potential guests to admire.


5. Offer Flexible Booking Options

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by providing flexible booking options to guests. For example, the offer of weekend or single-night stays could be a great way to attract customers that are unlikely to consider staying in your property otherwise. Offering discounted rates for extended bookings can also help you beat the competition and secure more customers.

6. Invest In Entertainment Activities

Enhance your rental property by providing activities and amenities that guests will enjoy while they stay with you. For example, investing in a pickleball court, outdoor pool, or patio seating area can be an ideal way to encourage repeat visitors. If opting for a pickleball court, contact Pickleball Court Installers for professional help, so the installation process is done correctly.

With these great tips in mind, you can make your short-term rental business stand out from the rest and draw more interested customers. Remember, though, that there is no single solution to success; it takes experimentation to determine which strategies work best for you.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]