Throwing A Party On A Budget? Here’s How To Still Make It Luxurious

What does the phrase ‘luxury party’ mean to you? Maybe it’s a dinner celebration that comes with at least 3 courses? Maybe it’s a destination event that takes place on a sandy beach with plenty of alcohol flowing? Or maybe it’s champagne in golden flutes and fancy finger foods to eat on the dance floor? Whatever it means to you, our ideas of luxury all have one thing in common: there’s a big bill attached! Which is why it’s so hard to throw a party with luxury elements. However, can we have this party on a budget?


None of us quite have the budget these days, even if we all chip in. But if you want to throw a loved one a party they’ll never quite forget, we’ve still got some money savvy tips for you. Because living on a budget doesn’t have to exclude that ‘high life’ feeling we’d all love a taste of from time to time!

Don’t Pay for a Venue

This is the first thing to cross off the list! You don’t need a big shiny venue to host a luxury party, especially when you’ve got a budget that’s only a portion of the hire cost. Don’t give up at this first hurdle; just host it in your own home or a friend’s home if you’ve not got the room. Or, if no one quite has room, go from house to house or bar to bar and make a full night of it! You can then decorate as you like, and even spend a bit more on the theme for the night. Alternatively, you can check for creative space for rent, which is quite reasonable.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Speaking of a theme, make sure you choose your color wisely. You need them to give off that luxurious vibe, and block colors like red and blue don’t quite do that! Go for more metallic tones here, such as gold, silver, grey, white, and composites like rose gold. Buy balloons, banners, and streamers in these colors, as well as any table settings or crockery you’re using for the night. And don’t worry about buying multiple tones, they’ll all go together!

Use Clever Lighting Tricks

Lighting plays a huge role in whether something looks luxurious or not. It’s why so few luxury venues provide overhead lighting. Instead they use carefully placed lamps, LED strips, and candles. They also make good use of mood lighting settings, as well as strobe lighting when the music kicks up. And you can do the same! You can easily buy some fairy lights to hang around, and those candles won’t break the bank either. Be sure to dim any big lights and get that cozy, centered atmosphere for the party.

Buy Plenty of ‘Fancy’ Alcohol Alternatives

Champagne is a little off budget, right? Well champagne alternatives aren’t! And there are many out there you can pick up at any store. Prosecco is a popular one that many people love to dig into, but any labeled ‘sparkling wine’ will do here. As long as it has a similar taste and the same mouth feel, stock up and make sure the drink flows all night long. Having plenty to go round is very luxurious!


Pick Up Some Baking Tricks

You can cater for a party all on your own, as long as you’ve got the best chef tips in your back pocket. From laying on buffet foods to cooking multiple courses for a lengthy dinner, you can make some very fancy foods with some very basic ingredients.

Say you’re making the cake yourself; learn how to make Italian meringue buttercream at this site and then use it for the coating, rather than shop bought fondant or simple American buttercream. Simple, a little bit technical, but so luxurious! And this comes at little cost; you probably already have all the right ingredients in your cupboards right now!

You Can Find Free Entertainment Online

Party entertainment doesn’t always mean hiring someone with over $1000 of equipment to set up. Sometimes it’s just connecting your phone to the speakers and putting on a pre-curated Spotify playlist! Or loading up a karaoke video on Youtube and singing along, even without a specialist machine. If you’ve already got a microphone you can plug in, that’ll do just fine! You can even play some games without needing anything other than your imagination.

A small party on a budget doesn’t have to be a problem. Take some time to plan out the best ways to use it and you too can put on a luxurious spread that all the guests will love!

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]