Photography by Leah Frances


American Nostalgia Photography

Leah Frances is a photographer who focuses primarily on an earlier era of America. Nostalgia photography depicting diners and restaurants that reflects of an older era. “I began to notice bars and restaurants being built to mimic an earlier time period: bars looking like 70s basement rec rooms and restaurants resembling 50s southern juke joints.” Leah explains in an interview.


Before she starts shooting, Frances does her research. “I usually do research ahead of planning to go somewhere. […] What I have found is that if I have one concrete place that I am headed for, I will often find much more, by surprise, on the way“. People give her information through social media and this is awesome. “People write to me on Instagram with personal suggestions — I love that! ” she explains.

Leah Frances

Leah Frances is a photographer, originally from Canada who currently lives and works in Easton, Pennsylvania. She holds an MFA in photography from The Tyler School of Art and Architecture at Temple University in Philadelphia. Frances has prestigious clients including The New York Times, The Guardian and the Carnegie Museum of Art’s online journal. As opposed to a multimedia artist, she uses a Rolleiflex film camera for most of her shots!


In addition, she has published two exceptional books, American Squares and Lunch poems. Regarding the first one, Leah mentioned that “I really enjoyed the process. The book feels 100% me from cover to cover (besides which I designed the cover and the end pages too!)“. Nostalgia photography at its best. The result is impressive. Enjoy.