How to Eat More Veggies

If you are not a fan of vegetables or you’ve been in a rut with eating your vegetables lately, now is the right time of the year to start getting them into your body. Through the winter months, our bodies crave comfort food, but what we’re really craving is vitamin D. With the lack of sunshine and an abundance of cold weather, we can get many of our vitamins that we need through vegetables. However, how to eat more veggies?

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There’s a really tasty stuffed pepper soup recipe here that you could try and that will help you to get some of your vegetables back into your system. Vegetables are an important part of your diet and they should be an important priority for you when you are cooking. Even though many of us know this, only one out of 10 adults actually eat their vegetables. For some people, it comes from a childhood full of being forced to eat vegetables they didn’t like. For others, it’s just that they don’t like vegetables all that much at all! If you are having some trouble getting your vegetables down you through the day, we’ve got some tips to helpful stop.

Put vegetables with every single meal including your breakfast

If you want to increase the number of daily vegetable servings that you eat, spread them out throughout the day. Veggies are packed with fiber and your body needs that fiber to keep your digestive system moving. Of course, too much fiber can lead to gas and bloating, and that can lead you to saying no to further vegetables. You can add them to an omelet for breakfast, or even through to a green smoothie. If you have a sandwich or salad for lunch, you can pack both with plenty of vegetables, and you can even use vegetables as your snacks through the day when you are at work. At dinner time, always add vegetable servings with your meal, but if you’re making sauces, blend them down and eat them that way.

Swap your grains for extra veggies

If you are a lover of pasta, spiralized zucchini or sweet potato make for an excellent substitute. If you’re a lover of rice, grating up some cauliflower and gently frying it is going to make a great substitute for rice. Not only will you effortlessly boost your vegetable intake, you gain more nutrition than the grain varieties that you should’ve tried in the first place. Swapping your grains for extra veggies doesn’t have to be done at every single meal, but it’s a good way to get extra veg in if you are trying.

Keep them as a snack

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Sliced cucumber with tuner on top is a brilliant mouthful of snack that can really keep you healthy. Red pepper or carrot sticks dipped into tzatziki or cheese and chive dip will get you the vegetables in with the delicious taste on the end, and you can even add peanut butter to celery. It may not sound tasty that last suggestion, but try it and see what you think.

We hope we have identified some ideas on how to eat more veggies and get food good for your brain!

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