Abstract Cityscape Paintings by Vian Borchert


Abstract Cityscape Paintings

Vian Borchert is an established expressionist contemporary artist, and award winning poet. Her main techique is acrylic, expressing cities through her own eyes. “I am an expressionist artist, I describe my artwork as a form of visual poetry. In my abstract cityscape paintings, my vision is one of hope and big dreams for the future.” Vian explains.


Borchert tries to depict the architectural flair within her paintigns, and she does it wonderfully. “My artwork reflects my dreams and inspirations. In my abstracted architectural cityscapes, there is an emphasis on tall buildings and looking up. Thus, the cityscapes are a celebration of tall landmarks not only to present their beauty through a poetic and an artistic touch, but to also stress on the importance of staying hopeful and dreaming big“.

Apart from the architectural paintings, she also paints landscapes. “The abstract landscapes present imagined landscapes of romantic fields while the nature depicted emerges to tell stories of far away lands filled with wildflowers. In the landscapes and seascapes, I intend to celebrate my love for nature and the environment while highlighting the importance of nature in one’s lives“. As opposed to minimalistic paintings, Vian depicts picturers of countryside through a connection to it.


Vian Borchert

Borchert has graduated from Corcoran College of Art and Design, George Washington University in D.C. She has exhibited her work in major cities mainly in the US and Europe, shch as New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin but also throghout the world like Hong Kong.


Besides exhibiting in galleries, Borchert’s artwork can be found at auction houses and luxury marketplaces “Artsy” and “1stDibs”.

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The artwork is delivered through my expressionist vision and modern abstracted aesthetics. Overall, the paintings showcase my sense of identity as an artist: my hopes, aspirations and dreams” as she states about her work. The result is impressive. Enjoy.