Minimalistic Paintings by Leigh Suggs


Minimalistic Paintings

Leigh Suggs is a North Carolina born artist, who currently lives and works in Richmond, Virginia. She creates minimalistic paintings to express her notions. “Drawing is a huge part of my process, and it all begins with sketches that can transform into multiple different pieces.” she explains. “I work through ideas, complications within those ideas, and make simple measurements before anything gets made“.


Edits are in every sketch. These edits are throughout the lifetime of a painting in order to express her overall minimalistic paintings’ concepts. “Once the paint has cured, another phase of drawing begins. The arcs and grids are mapped out with basic drafting tools.” Leigh describes regarding her work. “I make edits and changes along the way, as this step allows me to begin to see the overall vision of the work“. Painting is something different as opposed for instance with photography, as in the Streets of Tokyo series.


Leigh Suggs

Suggs holds a BFA from University of North Carolina, as well as an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is a visual artist, with color being one of the main ingredients. “Color can alter perception of the work in so many ways, therefore it holds a lot of meaning. ” Suggs explains. “I work through many color combinations, oftentimes changing my mind towards the end and will paint over something without a second thought if need be“.

Her work has been exhibited throuhout US, the latest exhibitions being Coined in the Sount, at The Mint Museum, Charlotte, Nothing Goes to Waste, at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Houston and , Massey Klein Gallery, New York. Currently, there is an exhibition at Hodges Taylor Gallery, Charlotte. The result is impressive. Enjoy.











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