Fitness Industry Trends for Breaking into the Fitness Market Without Opening a Gym

The fitness industry is booming and growing, with new ventures and innovations popping up worldwide. While this is excellent news for those looking to break into the space, it’s also challenging. How do you stand out as a creative marketing professional in such a saturated market? This article explores fitness industry trends to break into the fitness space without opening a gym. These strategies are perfect for small businesses and solopreneurs with limited capital to invest upfront but still want a hands-on role in their business venture.

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Create your own line of supplements and protein powders

You don’t necessarily have to create your full-blown diet program to start making a difference in the fitness industry. A great way to dip your toes in the water is to make your own protein powders and supplements. Naturally, creating your own line of protein powders and supplements will require you to either work with an established manufacturer or set up your own production facility and invest in appropriate equipment and machinery, such as a gummy making machine for gummy vitamins, for example. You will also need to obtain your nutritional consultant or nutrition expert credentials.

Become a nutritionist

If you love fitness and love helping others, nutrition is a great place to start. Nutritionists don’t just tell people what to eat and what not to eat. They help people adopt healthier lifestyles regarding their relationships with food and overall health. Nutritionists work with clients to create meal plans based on their goals, lifestyle, and food preferences. This could be an excellent side gig for those who want a hands-on role in the fitness industry but don’t want to open a gym.

Train in sports massage therapy

Another way to get your foot in the door of the fitness industry is to train in sports massage therapy. Sports massage therapy is an excellent fit for those who love working with their hands and helping others. Some sports massage therapists specialize in working with athletes to help them recover from injuries and reduce the risk of re-injury. You can start your training by applying to sports massage therapy school and enrolling in a program that works with individuals who want to break into the field.

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Design workout clothing

Designing workout apparel might sound like a strange way to break into the fitness industry, but it’s a real way to get into it and make money. There are several ways you can design workout apparel. You can design fitness apparel and create it yourself, making the items by hand to start with, or you can use a drop shipping service to supply and ship your items to get started and then take over production yourself. This is a great way to break into the industry if you have a creative eye. It can be even one of the life style choices.


Breaking into the fitness industry is a great way to earn money while doing something you love. There are many creative ways to get your foot on the industry’s door with little to no investment. There is always a need for more fitness instructors, trainers, nutritionists, and designers. If you are creative, hard-working, and love helping others, fitness is a great industry to break into. We hope these fitness industry tend was of help.

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