Gardens: The Landlord’s Secret To Improve Landlord Tenant Relationship

It makes no doubt that becoming a landlord can be a profitable investment that drives a regular, passive source of income. However, how to be a great landlord is enough? Being a great landlord with many positive reviews from past tenants is not enough to stay competitive in the rental market. Therefore, the landlord tenant relationship needs to be enhanced with extra features.


It is essential to consider features that are valuable for your tenants. The typical family looking for an average suburban house will be delighted by the prospect of having a private backyard. Indeed, an outdoor space can help attract more tenants and justify your rental costs.

Yet a garden can be a double-edged sword when it comes to properties. So here are some tips on how to make the most of your garden space to ensure that you can attract the right tenants to your rental.

Why having a garden is important for attracting tenants

Landlords know the importance of having a garden. Not only are gardens attractive to potential tenants, but they also provide an outdoor space where tenants can enjoy the outdoors and get to know their neighbors.

The garden is an essential addition to the living space, especially in a post-pandemic environment. Many households have been struggling to find access to green spaces during the pandemic. Therefore, many tenants have learned to value the garden. A property with a garden is highly desirable for tenants who appreciate the beneficial impacts on their mental and physical health.


How to maintain your garden to attract tenants

It is important to keep in mind that while some people do want a garden, others do not have time or don’t want to be responsible for any maintenance.

Tenants also have a busy schedule, and they may find it tricky to keep up with garden maintenance. Unfortunately, a neglected garden not only looks bad but can also be a safety hazard and signal to prospective tenants that you don’t care about your property.

To avoid this, you can discuss garden arrangements with your tenants. Ultimately, if you wish to provide them with a lush and beautiful garden that requires a lot of maintenance, it can be a good idea to consider pre-agreed landscaping services. You could share the costs for regular lawn mowing done by a professional who can also ensure that plants stay healthy.

What to do if your tenant doesn’t want a garden

Tenants may be looking for additional outdoor space, but that doesn’t mean they want a garden. If you are concerned about people turning down your property because there is too much garden space, consider extending the living surface via an outdoor lounging area. This will serve two main purposes:

a. Giving your tenants an extra room

b. Reducing the size of the garden, which means tenants can make better use of the backyard

Simple garden transformation projects include the addition of concrete slabs anchored with Fosroc conbextra gp to create a paved and flat surface or a decking area. You can also add a patio roof to ensure tenants can make the most of the space regardless of the weather.

Finally, you want to run an electric line to the garden so your tenants can add an electric heater to stay warm when they are outside.

A rental property with a garden could be your secret weapon to enhance the landlord tenant relationship as long as you know how to maximize its potential. Remember that while people love having an outdoor space, only a few tenants have the time or the desire to look after it! So be smart about your garden solutions!

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]