Keeping Warm in Winter: The Best Winter Treats

We might be a few months out but a lot of people are already starting to feel the temperature drop right down. Aside from wrapping yourself up in a nice blanket and keeping close to a space heater, food really is one of the best ways to stay feeling warm and cozy as the days get colder and the nights longer. As such, here are some treats that are perfect for keeping warm in winter on a winter’s day.

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Fresh out the oven

Baking your way out of the cold can be a great way to stay warm. After all, the heat from the oven and the smell of fresh baked goods is enough to get you feeling warmed up already. While there are plenty of things you can bake, a nice skillet brownie is a perfect mix of soft and gooey to retain that warmth for even longer.

A nice, hearty stew

It’s not all about desserts, either. Stews and soups can be fantastic for keeping your belly warm. Add root vegetables and spices and it’s going to have a nice little bit of kick as well. From beef stew to stuffed pepper, there are plenty of winter options that can keep your tastes varied without getting too complex with the recipe.

Nothing like a cup of cocoa

It’s one of the most widely loved fall and winter treats around. Who doesn’t enjoy getting warm in a blanket with a seasonal movie and some cocoa? However, if you really want to keep things toasty, then you might want to add a little bit more like they do with Mexican hot chocolate. Chili might seem like a strange ingredient to pair with chocolate for those who haven’t done it before but once you taste it, it’s very easy to see why it’s quite a common choice. You can also assess matcha tea, getting all matcha benefits.

Some ghee goes a long way

Whether you have always been a fan or want to experiment a little, South Asian cuisine can be great for keeping warm, largely due to the presence of ghee. As a really digestible fat, that is also known to help improve your immune system, what could be better for the flu and cold season that so often comes with the change of the weather?

Is a drop of red the right response?

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You might have felt it before: when you drink alcohol, it seems to heat your body up. However, the truth is that you might actually become colder after drinking because alcohol gets your blood to circulate more towards the skin because the vessels open up. This is why drinking when you’re out in the cold is something to be wary of, as it can lead to hypothermia. Pairing a glass of red with your meal, however? That can work just nicely as long as you’re comfy indoors.

It’s never too early to start getting cozy and keeping warm in winter. Soon as the leaves start changing color, start getting you the ingredients needed for whichever of the treats above sounds yummiest to you.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]