How to Convert the Attic to 3 Unique Spaces

What do you do up in your attic now? If all it does is hold your Christmas decorations and old souvenirs, it seems like a waste of time. Wouldn’t it be better to turn your attic space into something helpful that you and your entire family can use? Check out this article by finding out how to convert the attic to 3 unique spaces.


Because housing is so expensive, many people are turning to their attics instead of moving to get the extra space they need. If your attic is currently empty (or could be with some clearing out), here are some great things you could do with it. And from attic maintenance you can use your attic constructively!

Games Room

If you like the idea of a real games room, why not make your dream come true by making use of the space you don’t use? Specialists can make an attic conversion that fits your needs perfectly, so make sure you tell them what you want to do with the space. A professional can help you figure out the best way to turn your attic into something useful.

For a games room, you’ll need a lot of light and space, especially if you want to put big things like a pool table in the room. If you want to do something like this, you’ll also need to think about how to get these games up to the attic, so access will also have to be a top priority.

Master Suite

Yes, you could have a bedroom built in your attic, and it would probably look great if you took your time, hired professionals, and had the money to do it. But as great as a bedroom would be, a whole master suite would be even better. When it comes to increasing the value of your home, a master suite with a bedroom, a bathroom installed by a bathroom remodeler, and maybe even a dressing area or study area will do much more than a simple bedroom.

Even if you don’t plan to move or turn your attic into a money-making space, a master suite will give you the most comfort. It will give you a private place to relax, and it will give everyone else more room on the lower floors.


Home Office

Since so many people work from home, it might be a good idea to turn your attic into a unique office space. The best and most productive remote workers are able to keep their work and personal lives separate. One way they do this is by keeping their home office completely separate from the rest of the house. They don’t use a spare bedroom or the corner of the kitchen but instead have a separate room. Most of the time, these spaces are pods in the garden, but if you don’t want to take up valuable outdoor space with an office or don’t have the room, your attic space could be perfect.

By using your spare room to make the perfect home office, you will give yourself a comfortable place to work where you can be very productive. When you’re done, you can close the door and forget about work until the next day. It’s perfect. We hope you have found marvelous ways on how to convert the attic!

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]