How to Look Better in Clothes: Simple Tricks

It doesn’t matter how expensive your clothes are or which designers are on the labels if you do not know how to dress well. How to look better in clothes in your wardrobe? Wear your clothes right, you are never going to look as good as you could in the latest fashions.


With that in mind, let’s take a look at some top tricks to ensure you always look your best in the clothes you wear whether they’re designer or thrifted. Check out some style tips for men in this article.

Have them tailored

Even if you cannot afford to have your clothing made to measure, take your garments to a tailor and have them altered so that they fit you perfectly. Off-the-peg clothing is often not a perfect fit for anyone, but a few tweaks can have it looking like it was designed specifically for your body, and it is surprisingly cheap to do. Even better, learn to sew and do it yourself.

Choose a high waist

High-waisted jeans and trousers hide a multitude of sins in the stomach department. They also provide a sleek and sophisticated silhouette when you tuck your shirt into them, giving even the most out-of-shape person a waistline they can be proud of.

Invest in a statement bag

Women who want to wow with their fashion sense should focus on buying s statement handbag that goes with any outfit. A decent handbag will elevate even the plainest outfit to something far more special, so if you are going to splurge, buy the best bag you can afford.

Men can do a similar thing with an eye-catching tie and pocket square combo that will lift a plain black or navy suit in an instant.

Tone up

On a slightly different note, you are always going to look better in the clothes you wear if you are more toned. So although you don’t have to be a bootcamp instructor toned – although you can be if you visit – making an effort to lose fat and tone up a little will mean that your clothing always sits just right on your frame, which will mean that you and your clothes look their best.


Keep it simple

Instead of buying the latest fast fashions, keep it simple. Save your money and buy fewer items of clothing that are made to a higher standard, using natural fabrics where possible. Also stick to simple classics like pea coats, little black dresses, and three-piece suits that will never go out of fashion, and you will always look effortlessly stylish come what may.

Choose a 3-color palate

If you want to look good in color. Then select a palette of three complementary colors and no more. For example, you could wear a navy skirt or trousers with a white shirt and red shoes. This gives your outfit plenty of interest without being too garish or causing you to clash in an embarrassing way, but do feel free to experiment with which color palates work best for you.

How to look better in clothes you wear? Now you know these simple fashion tricks, you can make sure that you always dress to impress.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]