Ways to Spruce Up Your Home With Some Interior Design

We all want our homes to stand out from the crowd, being look great. We want to enjoy spending time in them and we want to make sure that we’re proud of our spaces when we introduce our family and friends to them. This, of course, takes work. There are countless steps you can take to make your home presentable. However, what are the ways to spruce up your home?


You can make sure that you keep on top of your chores and household tasks, cleaning carpets and vacuuming, wiping down worksurfaces, dusting, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the kitchen and so much more. You can focus on curb appeal, ensuring that the exterior of your property is up to scratch, with the front yard well maintained and beautiful hanging baskets or climbing plants adding a touch of colour and scent. But one area that many of us automatically lean to when improving our homes from the inside out is interior design. Here are a few steps you can take to manage this. Easy home repairs tips and more to check out.

Colour Scheme

When starting with your home’s interior design, it’s a good idea to come up with some sort of colour scheme or colour palette. You don’t have to stick to one colour throughout, but most agree that some sort of consistency or similarity in colour scheme between one room and another is a good idea. Few people will have neutrals throughout their whole home and one bright fuschia room – unless it’s a kid’s bedroom that they’ve been given choice over (which is great).

Take a look at a variety of sources for inspiration when it comes to the colour scheme in your home. One may want to look at interior design magazines, Instagram feeds, Pinterest boards. You could get a book of colour swatches that you can browse. If you find a colour that you like, make sure to do a patch test on your walls. This will show you how it will look in your space. Remember that lighting in rooms and a whole variety of other factors can impact how a paint actually looks on your walls.


Paneling is coming back into fashion. You’ve likely seen paneling options appearing a lot more on your social media feeds and on TV design programmes. Sure, it may take some money to invest in and it may take effort or professional help to install, but it can make a huge difference to the appearance and aesthetic of your room. Consider wood ceiling paneling, which can come in a variety of colours and wood designs to get started.



Looking to update your flooring? Ther a world of choice available to you. Start by considering what kind of room you’re renewing and what flooring it needs from a practical perspective. You may love carpet, for example, but it has no place in a bathroom or kitchen, where splashes and spills are a common occurrence.

These are just a few areas of focus to get the ball rolling when it comes to home interior design. Hopefully, some will appeal to you and will serve as a good stepping stone on ways to spruce up your home.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]