Summer Food Ideas to Have on the Menu

Summer is the perfect time for a garden party, so why not fire up the BBQ and invite your friends and family over for some delicious treats? It’s a good idea in principle until you start to think about the food situation. Here are some excellent ways to bring color and flavor to the party through summer food ideas.


Summer Salads

Summer salads are the perfect antidote to the summer heat. They are great summer food ideas for your arsenal. Whether you are having a party on the patio or an evening meal with some kebabs of the BBQ, no summer meal should be complete without a summer salad. There are plenty of delicious home recipes to choose from. In addition they are easy cleanup meals that are very easy to make!

This epic summer salad is easy to make and stand alone as a food item on your table. This summer salad contains avocados, fresh tomatoes, black beans, spinach, and lots more. A cool summer salad works well with warm meats straight from the BBQ, and they don’t disappoint.

Griddled Haloumi

If you want a summer salad that is a bit more substantial, then choose this griddled halloumi salad that can be served as a meal or a side at your summer dinner table. Again, this salad is very easy to make and combines well with the warm meats and smoked meats from the BBQ.

Not only does this salad contain delicious halloumi, but it also has some surprising watermelon and vinegar flavours that are delightful and guaranteed to surprise your guests pleasantly at your summer garden party. When it comes to summer meals, keep them light and full of flavor.

French Ratatouille

Not everyone at your outdoor summer event is going to want meat from the BBQ; you might have some veggies and vegans in your group, so you will have to provide something for them as well. French Ratatouille is an excellent option regardless of whether you eat meat or you don’t.

Check out this french ratatouille recipe for instructions on how to put together this perfect meal for your friends and family this summer. French ratatouille is a light and delicious mixture of summer vegetables; it is easy to make and satisfying to eat with many fresh veggie flavors.

Fennel Salad

If you want a zesty and healthy summer salad that your guest will love regardless of whether they are meat eaters or vegans, then put together a fennel salad. Fennel salads have all the benefits of a traditional summer salad, but unlike alternatives, it provides a unique flavor.

This fennel salad contains roasted lemons, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate seeds, herbs, and of course, plenty of fennel. As it’s a salad, it works well with BBQ food of all kinds – who can resist the combo of cool and warm – by fennel also compliments BBQ checked kebabs on the patio.

Donner Kebab

Make the summer complete with a donner kebab, cooked on the BBQ and arranged on the patio table in the sunshine. Donner kebabs are a firm favorite no matter where you come from, and they are super easy to make. All you need to do is follow this simple donner kebab recipe.

Head down to the shops and buy some pitta bread, your choice of meats – some people like mince while others like chopped pieces; you can also replace this with vegan meat – you will also need some herbs, spices, and oils for cooking, These kebabs are always a winning treat.

Ice Cream Cake

Now that you’ve got your summer meal planned, it’s time to think about dessert; after all, what are you going to eat when all the meat is gone, and the salad bowls are empty? The answer is simple: it’s an ice cream cake. Who doesn’t want to eat a delicious ice cream cake in summer?


Some people think an ice-cream cake is very hard to make – but that’s not the case at all. In fact, all you have to do is bake a traditional cake but layer it with your choice of filling. Most ice-cream cakes also feature meringue on the top as a tasty decoration – you can’t go wrong!

Crumble Buns

If you would rather spend your time sitting in the sunshine rather than baking a cake for dessert, why not consider crumble buns instead? Crumble buns are easy to make and delicious to eat; your guest will be glad they attended when their summer meal is rounded off with crumble buns.

To make crumble buns, you make a standard pastry then fill it up with summer fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and apples, depending on the flavor you want. Crumble buns are also very sweet and contain a lot of refined sugar, but that’s a good thing if you want to socialize.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]