Creative Collages by Anne Misfeldt


Creative Collages and Other Media

Anne Misfeldt is a textile designer and art educator. Her main focus is creative collages. She uses several forms to create her art, however collages is the foremost. “Collage is an artform where I can express myself better than in any other media.” Anne describes in a recent interview.


From her work, she tries to depict the evolution of time. She browses family albums back from the twenties. Furthermore, Anne has a unique style. “I like a raw surface with a graphic expression, but still also a bit sensitive and poetic.” she explains. “I like to tell stories. I´m still developing, I have promised myself to add more color in my work in the future“.


Anne Misfeldt

Anne Misfeldt is a collage artist originaly from Aarhus, Denmark. “Just as much as I love the City, just as much I am addicted to being close to nature. After moving around, studying, working and having my first child, I now live here again” Anne explains. She holds a textile design degree from Designskolen Kolding. After graduation, Anne worked as a print designer for fashion and interior design. Moreover, began working as an art educator at an art school for kids and young people!


I was good at illustrating textures and surfaces, and my art teacher at that time encouraged me to apply for the School of Arts and Crafts.” she explains. “I like a raw surface with a graphic expression, but still also a bit sensitive and poetic.” and this is evident by her work. In this article her overall work is presented. The result is impressive. Enjoy.



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