Dutch Lego Birds by Roy Scholten


Dutch Lego Birds

In this project, Roy Scholten depicted 50 birds that can be found throughout Netherlands. The goal for this project was mainly to create a related graphic vocabulary of birds, Lego birds in fact, purely through printmaking. Scholten defined some design principles regarding the birds themselves. In fact, these principles were mostly “to ensure that coherence and delineate the design space.” as Roy explained.


Some principles were technical, including the size of the print or the quantity of the prints (20 prints per bird, times 50 birds equals 1,000 prints!). In particular, a prerequisite was that each bird has to be found in The Netherlands. In addition, the most prominent rule was that in order to create the prototype use only Legos, and use it as it is. And here we are with these wonderful Lego bird prints.


Sometimes the specific shape of a design requires multiple overlapping parts to be printed in the same color.” Scholten clarifies. “For example, the relatively monochrome Little Owl still required six seperate printings to create the overall posture and that stern stare“.


Roy Scholten

Roy Scholten is a printmaking artist and information architect based in Hilversum, The Netherlands. “I provide concept development, information architecture and UX design for omnichannel content platforms.” Roy states at his website.


Scholten focuses on three main activities being service design, content architecture and visual research. Like Sofiane Samlal with Legographie, Scholten Roy created something wonderful with Legos! In this article some of the 50 birds are depicted. The result is impressive. Enjoy.




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