Hidden Signs Your House Is Falling Apart Secretly

We tend to think of our homes as permanent structures that will always be there, long after we’re gone. But that’s not true. Brick and mortar properties can fall to pieces in a matter of months if mother nature gets a strong enough foothold.


What’s more, even when this happens, the majority of homeowners don’t notice. Most of the damage is either silent or hidden, only flaring up when the problem reaches a breaking point.

In this post, we take a look at some of the hidden signs your house is falling apart so you can deal with them quickly, or avoid them outright. By identifying these potential damages you can do a wear and tear repair to your home.

The Earth Around Your Property Is Sinking

Sinking earth around your property is never a good sign. It’s not just a case of poor landscaping: it could indicate that there are serious water leaks or drainage issues at work.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way out of this one. You’ll need to get a structural engineer to evaluate your property and tell you what’s gone wrong. You may then have to do foundation work to prevent further structural damage to your home as your house is falling apart.


Your Floors Are Sloping

Floors shouldn’t slope. If they do, it means that either the building is very old and built to poor standards, or the foundations are failing.

Your Floors Feel Bouncy

Bouncy floors might not seem like a bad thing, particularly if you enjoy dancing on them. However, if they feel soft and spongy and you don’t have underfloor springs, it could suggest that you have a termite issue.

Start by contacting pest control and get them to come over for an evaluation. They can take a look at your flooring and tell you if you have a bug problem. If you do, they can apply treatment and prevent them from entering again. However, you may still need to replace the floor as it could be damaged beyond repair.

Your Home Smells Musty

Homes should never smell musty. If they do, it’s a sign that you have a damp problem and mold is growing.

Start by checking the bathroom. If you notice any black spots, it means that mold is growing and giving off spores. Clean it with bleach to remove it and then check that you are exhausting damp air from your property effectively. If you notice heavy condensation after taking a bath or a shower, your home is at considerably higher risk of mold development.

You Can Smell Gunpowder

Smelling gunpowder is a sign that there is something seriously wrong with your property’s electricity and that you need to act fast to prevent a fire. Call an electrician or heating tech immediately and get them to resolve the problem. Usually, gunpowder-like smells result from fried circuit boards or fan motors.

You Can See Paint Cracking Around Your Doorways

Cracked paint along the walls isn’t usually a reason for concern. However, if paint starts to crack and peel around the doorways, it could indicate serious moisture damage. Fortunately, if you catch the issue early enough, you don’t have to spend a fortune on labor.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]