Architectural Innovation by Meireles + Pavan ARQUITETURA


Architectural Innovation in Jardins, São Paulo

The apartment resides in the Jardins, a neighborhood in São Paulo. Responsible for this wonderful construct was Meireles + Pavan ARQUITETURA, an architectural innovation office, which is located also in São Paulo. The residence has a modern feel, using rustic as well as contemporary materials. It serves as a comfortable house, being elegant and at the same time very functional.


The architects used the marble Ceppo di Gre in the entrance hall. Ceppo di Gre is used both on the floor and the ceiling creating a cave-like feeling. It is one of the smart home design ideas as it is the first time this marble is used in Brazil. As opposed to the cold marble, it is also used dyed European oak lining to give prominence and warmth to the residents.


Architectual Innovation Office

Andre Pavan and Brunno Meireles joined forces in 2010 to create the Meireles + Pavan ARQUITETURA office. The office specialises in architectural innovation and sustainable architecture. Andre and Brunno focus on the client-centric approach for each project. Moreover, Andre and Brunno tries to formulate strong concepts that support the proposals contained in its projects.


[The office] stands out for the personal approach and architectural innovation of its projects, which convey the strength of a bold and avant-garde design.” they explain. And this is evident by this effort. The result is impressive. Enjoy.

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