Travel Photo Ideas With These 8 Tips

Photos are the perfect way to preserve memories of your travels, helping you to immortalise every weird and wonderful sight. However, as many of us realise, it’s not always easy to take photos that truly capture the magic of the moment. If your travel photos often end up being a bit underwhelming, it could be time to try a few of the following tricks. These travel photo ideas will help to make your photos more exciting so that you’re able to enjoy looking back on them for years to come. As in the highway driving safety tips article, also here you are going to get the best advice around and use it!


Snap at dusk and dawn

If you want to improve your outdoor travel photos, get up early or wait until the evening to visit attractions. You can capture some breath-taking skies at dawn and dusk. Not only this, but the lighting is perfect for taking photos – you don’t have the glare and shadows of the midday sun, or the poor quality that comes with night photography. Learn more about taking photos at dusk and dawn here.

Use the rule of thirds

The ‘rule of thirds’ is a basic compositional trick for helping you to frame landscape photos. The basic principle is to place your subject either towards the left or the right, leaving the other two thirds open. This typically makes scenes look larger and more dramatic than simply placing the subject in the middle. Try this next time you’re faced with a landmark or a scenic rural view. Bear in mind that when adding people to shots, they typically become the subject.

Spice up landscapes with foreground objects


Another great tip for taking landscape photos is to place a couple items in the foreground. This could be anything from a nearby branch to a pillar. These foreground objects create a much better sense of depth and can give the sense of peeking out at a view. Those that want to get really creative can play around the aperture and exposure to highlight or draw attention away from foreground objects.

Take pictures of people (with their permission)

It’s not just the landmarks that are worth photographing while travelling, but also the people you meet and encounter. Make sure that you’re taking pictures of people other than yourself. Of course, it’s courteous to always ask for their permission – especially if you’re likely to share that photo online. Most people will be happy to oblige, however there may be some people who would prefer to not be photographed. Obviously, if you’re taking a picture of a crowd or a busy street, asking everyone for permission isn’t an option.

Strike a unique pose

When it comes to taking photos of yourself while travelling, avoid boring poses of you standing with your hands hanging by your side. In fact, you should avoid ‘dead arms’ as much as possible – doing something with your hands, whether you’re throwing them up in the air or holding a prop, will make for a much more exciting photo. You can also set up action shots, such as pictures of you hiking from behind or jumping into a lake, to help add a sense of adventure.

Be less selfie self-conscious

This applies not just to selfies, but photos in general. If you see a great photo opportunity, don’t be afraid to take picture. Don’t feel you’re being annoying – this self-consciousness could stop you from capturing some incredible photos. Also, don’t feel that you need to rush photos if you’re not blocking anyone’s way – allow yourself to find the perfect angle so that you can get that perfect shot.

Don’t just take one photo

It’s always wise to take multiple photos to help you find that perfect shot. This is particularly important when it comes to action shots – using features like photo burst can help you to find that perfect frame. You will end up with lots of excess photos, but these can always be deleted at a later stage (there are many ways to organize your duplicate photos).

Take inspiration from Instagram

There are loads of travel photo ideas in Instagram. Some of these can serve as a great inspiration when it comes to taking your own photos. If you’re looking for a way to make yourself the subject, then there are lots of poses that you can learn from Instagram. However, you can also learn how to take more general shots such as landscapes. Bear in mind that some photos will be heavily cropped and edited – learning to edit your own photos could help you to make photos more ‘Instagrammable’, but if you’re simply looking to capture memories as they were you may want to keep the editing minimal.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]