Preparing Your Home For Summer Sun

With the hot weather fast approaching it is worth getting your home prepared for this. The weather and the elements can take their toll on your home so you need to watch out for anything that doesn’t seem right. Take a look at the list below to see if you can find some ideas for preparing your home for summer.



When it comes to your home you must prepare your home for summer. It could end up becoming unbearable for you to be in your home when it’s hot outside. Temperatures in homes have been known to get up to crazy temperatures meaning you become a hot, sweaty mess rather quickly. There are certain things inside your home that will be making your home hotter than it needs to be. An example of this is if you have dark curtains, the problem with that is they attract the heat. You will find rooms with dark curtains or blinds much warmer than the rooms with light ones. Change these for lighter window coverings and you will quickly notice the difference.

Avoid The Pests

The most common complaint about the summer months is the bugs, both during the day and at night. You think you are safe when the sun goes down, but a whole new selection of bugs graces you with their presence. If you are fed up with not only putting up with the heat but the bugs as well then there are several things you can do to avoid them.

During the day if you have your doors or windows open then you can hang up a makeshift insect diverter. The good news is you probably have all the stuff you need at home to make one of these so no special trip to the supermarket. You need to fill a food bag half-full with water, place three or four copper coins in the bag and then tie it up. Hang this by the open doors and windows and you will soon realize there are no flying insects in your home.


Fix The Repairs

One of the main problems that occur in summer is things you commonly need, breaks. Such as a fan for example. This is probably because they go a long time without being used, and then it is a bit of a shock being on most of the time. This is also relevant for AC units, these are a godsend in the warmer months so it can be a nightmare if they break. If this is the case and you need someone to come and fix it, take a look at AC Repair near you and find the best company to come out and take a look.

Sort The Garden

Finally, one of the best things about summer is being out in the garden enjoying the nice weather. However, you won’t enjoy the weather if your garden is feeling a bit sorry for itself or looking worse for wear. The summer months are a great excuse to sort out your garden and have it looking amazing and welcoming. There are several modern small garden ideas you can look for. Keep the grass neat and tidy, mow it regularly, and water it when needed. Plant some pretty flowers that are eyecatching and wonderful for bees and butterflies, and invest in some gorgeous garden furniture.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]