What Is The Easiest Musical Instrument To Learn?

Art, from surreal paintings to music, is part of our lives. Whether you’re young or old, learning a musical instrument remains one of the best hobbies you can have. There’s a saying that if you know how to play an instrument you will never be bored again in your life. It’s so true as you can just play music whenever you want!


Nevertheless, you might be wondering what is the easiest musical instrument to learn. Perhaps you’re thinking about starting lessons, or maybe you have a child that wants to learn. So, what is it? What is the best instrument out there?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to suggest that one instrument rules the rest. Instead of wondering what the best instrument to learn is, start thinking about which one is the best for you! Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Can you afford it?

Musical instruments cost money, obviously! Some are more expensive than others because they have loads of little intricate parts or pieces. Therefore, you have to ask yourself; can I afford to play this instrument? Immediately, you rule out some of the more expensive options and find items more tuned to your budget.

How easy is it to find lessons?

Next, you need to think about the lessons themselves. Are there any teachers in your local area? If not, can you be bothered to learn online or teach yourself? It is always best if you have someone that can teach you, especially if you’re looking for an instrument for your child. If you’ve found an instrument you like the look of, see how easy it is to get lessons and how much they cost. If everything seems good, then that’s perfect!


How convenient is the instrument?

Convenience can mean a couple of things. Firstly, is the musical instrument something you can conveniently keep in your home? A piano or a guitar are convenient instruments because they’re fairly easy to have at home. Secondly, how convenient is it for you to practice the instrument in your spare time? For example, a drum kit is hardly the most convenient instrument out there. It’s hard to keep at home and you can’t practice whenever you want. Think about where you live – if you live in a block of flats, perhaps it’s best to find a digital instrument so you can but headphones on and practice whenever you like.

How hard is it to learn?

Naturally, some instruments are much harder to learn than others. The flute is notoriously difficult to learn because the same note can sound different depending on the shape of your mouth when you blow it. Comparatively, guitar is relatively easy to learn because you can get the chords down and almost play anything. A challenge is nice, but if something is too difficult it quickly becomes a pain more than a pleasure.

On that note, you’ve reached the end of this post. Ask yourself all of the questions above to find out what your easiest musical instrument to learn is. It needs to fit your budget, be relatively easy to learn, and be convenient to have in your home.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]