How Much Jewelry Is Too Much over your Lifetime?

How much jewelry is too much? The average woman owns over $7000 worth of jewelry and most of it has been likely to be a gift instead of her purchasing her own jewels. Ever since the existence of ancient civilizations, jewels and the wearing of jewelry has been used as decorations to symbolize wealth and status. Even the ancient Incas who were reasonably barbaric had jewelry made of llama leather, feathers, and gold! So how frequently will you be gifted with fine jewels? More often than you may have considered…


The early years

Even as babies you receive jewelry. At a christening it is common to gift the baby with jewelry, specifically crucifixes to mark this religious occasion. It is also tradition for the jewelry to be made of silver. This started in the Tudor times and was meant to symbolize independence for when they are older. It is where the ‘born with a silver spoon’ phrase comes from.

Another religious ceremony during the teenage years is of course a confirmation ceremony, where a child’s belief in their religion is confirmed in front of God. It is common to receive either another crucifix or a bracelet or necklace made of pearls. Pearls are seen to represent new beginnings and with a confirmation, being newly cleansed of previous sins and joining the church as an adult is seen as a new beginning.

Pearls were also often used in rings given by a man to his girlfriend to symbolize his devotion. This was a symbol that she might be the next one to be married. Traditionally pearls were about loyalty, and being given a promise ring.

As an adult

In later years, it is of course well known that women will be given jewelry often as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions, but the key big one is of course her engagement. After the engagement photo poses, the engagement takes place. An engagement ring is traditionally given with a diamond to show wealth of the suitor as it is a rare and expensive gem. Today, there is much more variety in engagement rings, and many people will receive a custom engagement ring from the partner, such as the ones designed by Chapter 79.
After the engagement, the wedding is next on the list, and each person will receive their wedding band ring.


Traditionally this was always gold, but these days, platinum is seen as the best option, as it is much more durable, although pricier.

Later down the line, if the woman becomes pregnant it is common to receive jewelry again from the husband as a celebration and gift of thanks. This can also be done at the time of the birth and is referred to as a ‘push present’. Giving an item of jewelry that has the gemstone relating to that month, is a popular choice for many people.

It then goes on and on…. more jewelry for the other births, for the anniversaries, and even for apologies too. There is no wonder that women accumulate so many jewels by the end of their life. It is remarkably interesting to understand the different meanings of the diverse types of gems and materials used though.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]