Home Maintenance Problems Which Could Make You Ill

We all like to think of our homes as the peaceful, cosy shelters that they are built to be. In general, that is the case for the most part. At any rate, it’s certainly much better to have a roof over your head than not. However, the caveat to that initial statement is that while our homes are a welcome shelter from the outside world, this is only true when the home is well-maintained. Home maintenance problems can cause multiple issues which can make you ill.


While it’s perhaps over-dramatic to talk about “ways in which your home is MAKING YOU SICK”, the undeniable truth is that your home does have the potential to contain and even hide things that are contributing to ill health. This makes it essential to be on the lookout for any faults in your home and any warning signs in your personal or family health. The following are a few key examples.

Chemical poisoning

Your home is built from durable materials which are meant to last the test of time. It is kept cool or warm by systems which use more materials again. Sometimes these materials are made from chemicals which, in the right form and the right amount, pose you no threat. However, they can become dangerous if they start escaping and venting. Carbon monoxide can be released into your house by a faulty boiler. It causes symptoms which are described as “flu-like” – and it can be dangerous in large enough amounts. Make sure your house has a working detector, and also be aware of the warning signs – as well as those for radon poisoning.

Bacteria and mold

You’ll probably know how to recognize mold in your home. It’s characterized by blooming dark shapes on walls and ceilings, usually black in color. It’s easy enough to remove, and should be excised immediately as it can cause respiratory illness if left to flourish. Bacteria are more concerning, because they’re harder to see. You should keep an eye on devices such as air purifiers and conditioners. When they work, they remove impurities from the air. Nonetheless, if they’re malfunctioning, they can start putting them out. Book in air conditioning repairs if your unit shows signs of laboring like loud or strange noises. And book in a service on an annual basis before you start to run the unit for hours in a day.


Perfuming devices and substances

Everyone likes to keep their house smelling pleasant, and there’s always going to be a roaring trade in scented candles, reed diffusers, air fresheners and fabric sheets to keep that up. However, that delightful peach scented candle was not made with real peaches. The scent is aped by combining chemicals known as phthalates. They’re not so harmful in small amounts, but when they’re all around the house for most of the day, they can be carcinogenic – so try alternatives such as natural pot pourri and essential oils.

Don’t worry, for the most part your house is exactly the safe space you need it to be. But when things break down, or the house becomes overloaded with unnatural components, you need to be careful of the consequences. Home maintenance problems can be dangerous, however with proper care these issues can be easily solved. You can add it into your spring home maintenance checklist.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]