A How-To Guide for Cleaning Suede Shoes

Even though suede shoes have not been a constant on the fashion scene, it is still a comfortable and stylish look to have in your wardrobe. However, anyone who owns suede will tell you the horror they face whenever their darling shoes get stained. For some, they might give up on the shoes because they feel it will be a nightmare to clean it. Even with this, you just can’t let one of your dear fashion pieces die, can you? You have to at least try to restore it. This article will help you with that.


Cleaning suede shoes

First of all, you must make sure that the shoes are dry. You should never use blow dryers or direct sunlight to hasten the drying time as they could make the material dry out and subsequently harden. Items needed include:

a. Toothbrush or suede brush

b. Clean rags to wipe off smudges, stains and dust

c. White vinegar or rubbing alcohol

d. Suede protector sprays

e. Eraser

Begin by using the suede brush or toothbrush

This it to brush off the dirt on the shoe. Remember to brush in the direction that the suede sits. For more stubborn marks, you’ll have to apply added pressure. Move the brush back and forth so the flattened suede fibers can rise. This will help in the cleaning process.


The next step is to apply the eraser on the stain

You should exert pressure while trying to clean it with the eraser, but don’t let it be too much that it ends up damaging the suede. If you feel that you will not have the time and know-how to execute the cleaning of your suede shoes or are worried about potential damage then it is advisable that you get help from croydondrycleaning.co.uk.

If the stain still persists, try white vinegar

If the stain persists, then it is time to try using white vinegar or rubbing alcohol. It might seem counterintuitive to use this on your suede shoes since it has been advised that water shouldn’t come in contact with the suede material. However, unlike water, vinegar and alcohol will not leave any stains on suede when it dries off. Dip a clean cloth in the white vinegar or alcohol and rub it on the affected part of the shoe. Allow it dry before using the brush to fluff up the fabric again.

After some time, suede can start to look stringy. However, this can be remedied with a shaving razor. Use the razor to gently shave off the strings on the shoe. After this, use the brush to remove those strings.

Take care of any dullness

Due to all the scrubbing, brushing and rubbing, your suede shoes might start to look dull. This can easily be rectified with either alcohol or vinegar. Get a clean cloth and pour some vinegar/alcohol on it, then rub it all over the shoes. Allow it dry again and when this is done, fluff it up one last time with the brush.

Use a suede protector spray

The last step is to protect your suede shoes from becoming really dirty later on. You should purchase a suede protector spray and apply to your shoes as directed by the manufacturers. This will protect your suede for a longer period and it will also make it easier to clean them when that time comes. In addition, with your clean suede shoes you can enhance your casual summer outfits.

[All images were downloaded from unsplash]